Let me invite you to Second Life

And You collect a bonus of L$ 750

If jou want to join Second Life (SL) wait a moment and give me the opportunity to donate you an extra startbonus of L$ 750 .
I only can give your this money when you let me invite you with the so-called ‘Refer-A-Friend’ program from SL. Why I m so generous is simple. If you sign in with an invitation the person who invites you gets a bonus of L$ 1000 from Second Life’s Linden Lab. When I ‘m this person I will give you 3/4 of this SLmoney.
Just sent me an email and I will sent you an invitation in return. In the invitation there is a special link to the SL website and you must use this link to activate the bonus system. As soon as you are a cititzen of SL we make contact en I give you L$ 750.
It is important that in the email you already tell me what name you choose for your life in SL. So first go to SecondLife and check out available names.

Send an email to joshua@kw.nl with your new chosen SL name and/or any question about this proposal that’s on your mind.

The Fast Way

I learn a little more recently. A simple and faster way is by making an SL-account and fill in my name in the form as the person who refered you. Second Life inform my about this and sent me the bonus directly. You have only to wait on the next time I login SL and pay you your share.

Is this all?

No it isn't. If, after a while, you decide to sign up for a Premium Account, we can share a new, even bigger bonus of L$2500 again. From this money L$ 1500 will be yours at 60 days from your Premium account sign up.
Why disregard all this bonusses when it is so simple to get. Let’s make some money together.

By the way...

Maybe you are busy informing yourself over SL and trying to find out what you can expect. If so there is a good change that somewhere you already clicked on a link to the official SecondLife site that served you a cookie. That means that when you sign in for SL there is already somebody somewhere who earn some L$ from your act. These sides that serve these cookies are all taking part of the so called ‘Second Life Affiliate Program’. More about this program you can find behind a link on the bottom of the SL homepage.